Troubleshooting Reinstall via CommandLine

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Location of the FEL button on the MOD Duo

This page describes how to do a "factory reset" of the MOD Duo via Command Line.

These instructions are only valid for Linux or macOS. For reinstallations under Windows, see Troubleshooting Reinstall via LiveSuit. (applies only to older MOD Duo units with nand flash)

To begin:

  1. Make a backup of your MOD Duo
  2. Click and hold down the FEL button on the back of the MOD Duo (in tiny hole), while you power it on.
  3. Hold it for 2 seconds, then release (The screens will freeze with the MOD logo and name)
  4. Connect the MOD Duo to your computer via USB cable
  5. Download this file: and extract it
  6. Open a terminal and 'cd' to the directory where duo-nand-mainline-factory-reset-v3.tar.gz was extracted, ie:

cd ~/Downloads/duo-nand-mainline-factory-reset-v3

Now simply run:
(sudo will likely be needed here)

If the above command fails with "USB FEL device not found", try a different usb port of the computer. It might not work with usb hubs or usb-type-c/thunderbolt adapters, so connecting directly to a USB port is preferred.

For non-64bit Linux systems, replace and use the sunxi-fel binary from your distribution.


  1. After the script finishes, wait for around 1 minute and the MOD Duo will boot into recovery mode. (confirmed by LEDs turning blue. note that sometimes the display does not change)
  2. Install a MOD OS factory reset image.
  3. Wait for the installation to complete (the unit will restart automatically).

Note: You can find MOD factory reset images in the Factory Reset Images section.