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This page contains links to the latest factory reset images.
They are useful in case you want to reset your unit to what comes on it by default.
Installing these images fully resets the user data partition!

Release links

MOD Duo: modduo-v1.13.4.3293.tar
MOD Duo X: modduox-v1.13.4.3294.tar
MOD Dwarf: moddwarf-v1.13.4.3295.tar

Manual update

If you want to do a manual update, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your MOD
  2. Let it boot until you see it load a pedalboard
  3. Enter the settings menu
    1. For the MOD Dwarf, press the menu button left of the display and press the middle of the 3 small button on the right of the display to enter settings.
    2. For the MOD Duo(X) press and hold the left endless-knob until a menu appears in the display
  4. Turn the knob in order to select "System Upgrade"
    1. Note -> for the MOD Duo(X), turn the left knob to the "System" option and then the right knob to "System upgrade"
  5. Select 'YES' and while holding footswitch A (Dwarf), the left footswitch (Duo) or bottom left square button (DuoX)
  6. Let go of the footswitch and knob and wait
  7. The MOD will now enter restore mode. Please wait.
  8. Connect the MOD to your PC if not done yet and wait for a new mass storage drive to appear
  9. Copy the modduo.tar file onto the new drive and use your OS option to safely remove the drive
  10. Remove the USB cable connecting your PC to the MOD

At this point, the MOD will start auto-updating. DO NOT TURN IT OFF! Please wait until the update finishes. The MOD will auto-reboot when the process is complete.

Note: Sometimes the auto-reboot may not occur. If your MOD does not auto-reboot after 15 minutes, something went wrong. Please power off the device and run the process again from step 1.