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MOD Footswitch

Stable Releases
Date Main features
0.4.1 2021/03/16 Fix value change of addressings through web GUI
0.4.0 2020/11/26 Feedback, Coloured lists, Momentary toggle and Tap-Tempo
0.3.0 2018/05/19 Integrate self-test in the main firmware
0.2.2 2017/08/16 Fix update message conflict when multiple devices are connected
0.2.1 2017/07/11 Fix issue when connecting multiple FootEx at same time
0.2.0 2017/06/28 Add support to 2 different baud rate
0.1.0 2017/06/26 Update protocol version
0.0.6 2017/05/31 Fix trigger and options assignment
0.0.5 2017/04/06 Initial version

How to update the MOD Footswitch firmware

You can update the firmware of your MOD Footswitch from the settings menu on the WebGUI.
In order to process the update Go to the MOD Settings on your WebGUI and selected the Device Updates menu.
Once in the Device Updates screen, go to the XF4 section and click on the "Update firmware" button if your MOD Footswitch is not running the latest firmware version.
Note: When you connect your MOD Footswitch to its host MOD device you can check the firmware version of your MOD Footswitch on the right display while it is booting.

Manual update

Note: The steps below only work with a Windows machine. Edit:Intel macOS Monterey works too, see also hint in the subsection macOS manual update.

If you want to do a manual update, follow these steps:

  1. Download the firmware version from above
  2. Hold the footswitch 1 while connecting the MOD Footswitch to the computer
  3. The MOD Footswitch should be recognized on the computer as a mass storage device
  4. Copy the download file into that storage (for macOS checkout the section macOS update).
  5. Eject the storage device
  6. Disconnect the MOD Footswitch from the computer
  7. Connect the MOD Footswitch to your MOD device
  8. The MOD Footswitch should now be running the version of the firmware that you uploaded (check the right screen while the MOD Footswitch is booting).

macOS manual update

MacOS will cause an error if you try to copy the firmware file to the mass storage device.

Open a terminal window (CMD SPACE: type terminal). In the terminal type the commands of the bullet lists:

  • rm /Volumes/CRP\ DISABLD/*.bin

Supposing you copied the binary file to Downloads:

  • cd ~/Downloads

Check the name of the file in the command that contains the cp -X line. The -X option will prevent an error when macOS tries to copy "Extended Attributes":

  • cp -X FootEx0.4.1.bin /Volumes/CRP\ DISABLD

Check for error messages in the terminal. Check in finder that the file is now on the mass storage. Continue with Step 5 from the manual update section.