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Welcome to the MOD Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to MOD.

Side-shot of the MOD Duo
Part of a production batch of MOD Duos


All documentation on the MOD Duo, its web interface and its plugins is in the manual found below.

THIS MANUAL IS A WORK IN PROGRESS you are very welcome to contribute!

Chapter 1: Device In this chapter you can find all the information you need about the MOD Duo
Chapter 2: Web interface In this chapter we talk about the graphical user interface, accessible through your favorite browser
Chapter 3: Plugins This chapter gives information on the plugins that run inside the MOD Duo
Chapter 4: Warnings Read this chapter if you want to be on the safe side of using the MOD Duo
Chapter 5: Resources This chapter presents a list of resources that we think are worth checking out


There is a great community on our forum page that can offer you support on nearly all aspects of the MOD Duo.
Visit our forums at:

It is also possible to e-mail us directly at:

Don't forget to checkout the Troubleshooting page to see if your issue has been solved already.


How do I get to the web interface?
Connect the MOD Duo to your PC, open your browser and navigate to if connected via USB or if using Bluetooth.
Starting from version 1.2 you can also use modduo.local.

Can I use my MOD Duo without a computer?
Yes! The computer is only used to set up your device. When you are done, simply disconnect the USB cable and take your MOD Duo wherever you like.

Can I use another power supply for my MOD Duo?
We recommend using the official power supply, as it keeps the noise-level low. Using a power supply with identical specifications is possible, though not supported by us.

Can I hook up MIDI devices?
You can hook up external MIDI controllers to the MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT or USB-A ports. If USB-MIDI is used, the device ports need to be added through the web interface.

Can I hook up multiple USB-MIDI devices?
Yes! Simply add a USB-hub to the USB-A port on the back of the MOD Duo, and plug your USB-MIDI devices into the hub.

Are the effects that run in the MOD Duo made only by MOD company?
No. MOD uses an open standard called LV2. It was created by the very active Linux Audio Community and hundreds of LV2 plugins are freely available, made by different independent developers.
Most of the plugins available on the MOD Cloud already existed when the project began and many more shall be created independently of MOD's existence.

Plugin Development

To get started, check out this wiki page.

You can find more resources in chapter 5 of our manual.

A longer, more detailed guide is currently a work in progress.