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Getting Started

Starting on version 1.10 of MOD firmware it is possible to store files inside your MOD device and access them in multiple different ways according to the plugin where they are can be used.

This can be audio or midi files to be played, or drumkits, soundbanks, etc.

While it is not in a state deemed 100% complete (for example, needs a progress-bar for uploads), it is already fully functional.

How to upload a file

In order to upload a file into your MOD device, you must access the file manager section of your WebGUI.

For that, you should click on the File Manager icon File Manager icon.png shown on the "Mode selector" section of the WebGUI.

Available file types

Audio Files

MOD devices file manager divides your audio files into 4 different categories: Audio Loops, Audio Recordings, Audio Samples, and Audio Tracks.

There is a different folder for each of these categories. Although you can store any file in any folder, it is important that you store your audio files in the correct ones since different plugins have access to different folders.

For example, the audio File player plugin has access to the Audio Loops, Audio Recordings and Audio Tracks folders while the Exampler plugin can only access the Audio Samples folder.

Only the following file extensions are available:

  • aif
  • aifc
  • aiff
  • au
  • bwf
  • flac
  • htk
  • iff
  • mat4
  • mat5
  • oga
  • ogg
  • opus
  • paf
  • pvf
  • pvf5
  • sd2
  • sf
  • snd
  • svx
  • vcc
  • w64
  • wav

extra through ffmpeg:

  • 3g2
  • 3gp
  • aac
  • ac3
  • amr
  • ape
  • mp2
  • mp3
  • mpc
  • wma

Audio Loops

The Audio Loops folder is meant to be the storage place for any "loopable" audio file on your device.

These files can be for example your quantized drum pattern or bass synth line.

Audio Recordings

The Audio Recordings folder will be the place where any recording done inside your MOD device is stored.

Note: at the date when this tutorial was last reviewed there were no plugins available that record files inside your MOD device.

Audio Samples

The Audio Samples folder is the destination to store audio samples on the storage of your MOD device.

Audio Samples can be for example singular drum sounds (like a snare, kick, or hi-hats sounds), sampled notes of a piano, violin, bass, etc.

Audio Tracks

The Audio Tracks folder is the folder where you can store audio tracks that you use as support to play live on top.

You can use this folder to store backing tracks of your songs being them with multiple instruments or a single bass line (for example).

Impulse Response Files

For Impulse Responses such as speaker cabinets, equalizers or hall/room reverbs).

Only the following file extensions are available:

  • aif
  • aifc
  • aiff
  • flac
  • w64
  • wav

Currently the IR file limit is 2048 samples (which is roughly 42.7 ms).


Hydrogen Drumkits

Drumkits originally made for the Hydrogen application, but now supported by several others, including plugins.

Uses h2drumkit file extension.

SF2 Instruments

For SF2/SF3 files, usually known as SoundFonts.

SFZ Instruments

For SFZ files, which typically have other audio files references within the SFZ.

MIDI Files

For MIDI files basically.

Only the following file extensions are available:

  • mid
  • midi

MIDI Clips

MIDI Clips folder is used to store single instrument MIDI files. For example: the MIDI file of your synth lead line.

This type of file is similar to the audio loop files. These are normally quantized MIDI tracks cut in order to be "loopable".

MIDI Songs

This folder stores MIDI files with multiple layers and instruments. Normally this file should work as a song (as the old school MIDI songs style).

Take as an example the full orchestration MIDI file that you can export if you write a music piece using tools like Sibelius, Music Score or Finale.

Plugins available using storage files

Audio Files

Audio file player (loops, recordings or tracks), optionally syncs to host transport

Simple plugin that plays a sample on every received note (without changing pitch).

An old-school polyphonic sampler synthesizer. MOD port in development, available as beta for now.

MIDI Files

MIDI file player (for songs only, not clips), optionally syncs to host transport

Impulse Responses

A cabinet simulator plugin that loads impulse response (IR) files. This plugin is specifically created for handling speaker cabinet IRs, this plugin is not optimized for handling larger files like reverb IRs.

A plugin for reverb IR files from the LSP suite. Possible maximum size of IR depends on the device (Duo cannot handle much, other units are much better). MOD port in development, available as beta for now.

PS: You can load 2 mono instances in parallel so the device is better able to cope with some more IR files (as the audio host is multi-threaded, but this specific IR plugin is not)


An SF2 loader/synthesizer.

An SFZ loader/sampler. Plugin under development, available as beta for now.