Dwarf Technical Specs

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The MOD Dwarf when powered up

Technical specs


  • length: 105 mm
  • width: 202 mm
  • height: 54 mm


  • RockChip PX30 CPU:
    • CPU family: Cortex-A35
    • Platform bit depth: 64 bit
    • Cores Clock: 4 x (up to) 1.3 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Flash Storage: 8 GB

Inputs and outputs


MOD Dwarf back view showing all its ports.
  • 2x independent mono audio inputs with:
    • Unbalanced asymmetrical TRS connection
    • input adjustment between -12dB and +35dB, adjustable in 0.5dB steps
    • Input impedance 1 MΩ
    • Cirrus Logic Audio Codec with 24 bit ADC
  • 2x independent mono audio outputs with:
    • Balanced symmetrical TRS connection
    • Volume Control: 0dB to -127dB, adjustable in 0.5dB steps
    • Cirrus Logic Audio Codec with 24 bit DAC
  • Headphone output:
    • 3.5mm TRS Stereo connection
    • 2x105mW @ 16 ohms
    • Mirrors main output
    • Digital volume control from -33dB to +12dB, adjustable in 3dB steps

Each audio input and output has an LED whose color depends on the audio signal amplitude. Learn more about the LED indicators here.


  • MIDI IN connector - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A
  • MIDI OUT connector - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A


  • USB Host
    • Connector: Type-A
    • Standard: USB 2.0
    • Maximum output current: 500mA
  • USB Device
    • Connector: Type-B
    • Standard: USB 2.0

Device Controller

  • 1x 2.9" LCD display
  • 3x endless knobs
  • 3x push buttons (backlit with colour LED's)
  • 1x menu button (backlit with colour LED's)
  • 3x footswitches with coloured indicator LED's


The MOD Dwarf runs the latest Operating System. Support for the MOD Dwarf was added to the MOD OS on version 1.10.