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Device Questions

What are the differences between the MOD Duo and the MOD Duo X?

In generic terms, the MOD Duo is designed to be a floor unit especially focused to be used by guitar and bass players. The MOD Duo X takes the same technology, focusing mostly on the synthesizers and live interaction with effects - the reason that justifies the bigger number of actuators. If we take a closer look at the technical aspects of both devices, the Duo X is a more powerful unit. With a more powerful processor, bigger memory, storage, and bit rate, the Duo X allow you to run more complex pedalboards with multiple instances of high requirements plugins. The Duo X also has physical CV input and output ports, which allows it to interact with modular synths, for example. The Duo X has also an extra input where the user can connect an expression pedal.

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Can I use it as an FX loop?

Yes. The MOD devices are extremely versatile effect units. As you can totally program and arrange the effects inside the device you can set the device in pretty much any position of your setup.

Can I control MIDI synths with a guitar?

No. Currently, there are no plugins on the platform able to convert audio inputs to MIDI.

How are the MOD devices updated?

Every time that you connect your device to the Web graphical interface, the device checks if it's currently updated. If there is an update available, you will be notified. You can then perform the update with a single click.

Note: the device where you are visualising the graphical interface must be connected to the internet. Our team of programmers and engineers work to develop new features and to improve existing ones. We launch regular updates, which means that your MOD device constantly becomes more efficient and more stable.

Can be powered with a battery?

Yes, the devices can be powered with batteries. For that type of usage, you need a power bank that outputs 12V. Yet, we recommend using the official power supply that comes with your unit, as it keeps the noise level low.

Does it support MPE?

Currently, none of the plugins available on the MOD platform supports MPE. Yet, future or new plugin releases may support MPE. As we are constanlty improving the platform, it will be only a matter of time.

Do I need a computer or other similar device to play with the devices?

No, you can take just the device to the stage and it works like any other regular multi-effects pedal. The computer/tablet/phone is used to install new effects, create pedalboards (plugin arrangements with control assignments), upgrade the internal software, and share your pedalboards on MOD Cloud.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the MOD devices?

No. You can create pedalboards using the plugins that are already installed on your MOD device. Internet connection is required only to install new plug-ins, to share or download other users’ pedalboards and for device updates.


Do I need an amp to use the Duo?

Not necessarily, but you are free to use it if you wish.

There are a few amp simulators available on the MOD platform. You can load them on your pedalboards inside your MOD Duo and connect it directly to a mixer or any sound system.

Yet, you can also connect your MOD Duo to an amp and use it as your sound source. If you choose to use it this way, as a best practice we suggest that you don't use amp simulators inside your MOD Duo. But as music-making is all about creativity and experimenting, you are free to load them on your pedalboards anyway. This will not break your device. Be only aware of the output volumes of your MOD Duo.


MOD Dwarf

MOD Platform

Are there macro controls?

--> yes, see tutorial ...


Are the effects that run in the MOD devices made only by MOD company?

No. The MOD devices use an open standard called LV2. It was created by the very active Linux Audio Community and hundreds of LV2 plugins are freely available, made by different independent developers. Most of the plugins available on the MOD Cloud already existed when the project began and many more shall be created independently of MOD's existence.

Does the MOD Duo run VST effects?

No. The format used by the MOD Duo is LV2, which is similar to VST, but released under an open-source license, avoiding the license hassles related to VST and allowing multiple developers around the world to create effects for the MOD Duo.

Are plugins free of charge?

Not all plugins are free. Yet, most plugins on MOD Plugin Store are indeed free of charge. We currently have close to 1000 plug-ins in our library and new plug-ins are regularly added. The payed plug-ins allow developers from around the world to sell their creations, encouraging these programmers to spend more time developing new and unusual plug-ins.

Can I install plugins on the MOD Duo that are not available on the MOD cloud?

Yes. MOD gives full support to the LV2 standard and any working LV2 plugin will work in the MOD Duo. Installation is done using our free SDK.

MOD Peripherals

Does the MOD Footswitch support control pagination?

It's not yet possible to use control pagination using a MOD Footswitch.

Control Chain

How many Control Chain devices can I place in a chain?

You can connect up to 8 Control Chain devices together in the same chain.

Interfacing with other devices

Can I use the MOD devices with an expression pedal?

On the DUO X you have a port available where you can connect an expression pedal. It is not possible to connect expression pedals directly to your MOD Footswitch, for example. Yet, you can use the MOD Arduino Shield to create an interface for your expression pedals or even create your own expression pedal and connect it as a Control Chain device.

Can I sync to an external clock?

Yes. You have two different ways to sync your MOD device with an external clock, via MIDI (MIDI Clock) or using Ableton Link.


Can the MOD devices be used to control other devices via MIDI?

Yes. You have plugins available on MOD platform that allow you to send MIDI data to other devices using both the old school MIDI output or USB MIDI, both available on the devices. You can for example set a parallel MIDI "command line" together with your effects/instruments chain or you can both of them interact. As the platform allows you to arrange and connect plugins (no matter if effects, generators, MIDI, etc.) as you wish, your possibilities are pretty much infinite.

Do the MOD devices support MIDI?

Yes, all MOD devices have great MIDI-connectivity. There is support for old-school MIDI over DIN-cables, as well as USB-MIDI over USB-cables. It is even possible to add a USB hub to the devices to expand the number of USB connections that you can make.

Control Voltage

What is the voltage range of the CV ports?

The MOD Duo X inputs and outputs have a range from 0V to 10V. These values are different for the Duo X Limited Edition. Please check out the Technical Specifications for more info.

How can I use CV controls on my device?

The Duo X is the only device with external CV connections, yet you can still use CV controls on the Duo. Check out this tutorial for more info.


Whats is the audio quality?

What is the latency of the devices?