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MOD-UI is a webserver that delivers a HTML 5 interface and communicates with the MOD backend. It also communicates with the MOD hardware, but does not depend on it to run.

Its code is available at

The last version (8 Aug 2014) is 0.99.8


MOD Duo UI Constructor screenshot (v0.11.3).

The constructor is the default screen of MOD-UI, accessible by the leftmost icon of the bottom left icons group.

It is used to assemble a group of pedalboard linked together and to the inputs/outputs.

The inputs are located at the left side, in cyan for MIDI signal and in magenta for audio signals. The outputs are at the right side.


This part is not available in MOD Duo version 0.15.0.

The leftmost icon on MOD-UI.

It allows to browse the mod-cloud public feed, and your own timeline if you're logged in.

You can import pedalboards directly from the feeds by clicking on them.

Pedalboards library

Your locally saved pedalboards appear here, second icon in the bottom left corner.

You can click them to make them load.


Here you can manage your pedalboard banks, third icon in the bottom left corner.

Banks are a collection of pedalboards or of other banks, in a tree-like structure like those used in a file system.
You can think of banks as folders, and pedalboards as being files.

Plugin Store

MOD Duo UI Plugin store screenshot (v0.11.3).

Shows a list of all installed or available plugins, sortable by category.

Currently all plugins are free.