The GUI elements

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The plugin GUI is a representation designed to look like a real device, and will be connected to other plugin icons by cables to make pedalboards.

An icon can have these elements:

  • A background;
  • A switch that will bypass it (ON/OFF switch);
  • A light indicating the bypass state;
  • Buttons that will control some most important parameters;
    • This can be controllers such as knobs, sliders, switches or a list from which you select one value
  • Inputs and outputs in which cables will be connected;
  • A clickable area to drag the pedal around. Usually the whole icon is a dragable area, so any space where there are no controls users can click and drag the pedal around.



In this example you can see the switch at the bottom, the red light indicating the bypass state at the center, and six knobs, each one controlling a different parameter of the plugin. You can also see two inputs and two outputs on the sides.